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    Narumi Ishihara

    I think it’s really nice here. The community is always kept clean and the plants always look nice and well taken care of. Everyone that lives here is so nice and friendly and neighborly. It’s also so nice to have a laundry room on site that’s cleaned daily, and the maintenance guys are super nice and get maintenance requests done quickly. The only negative thing that I can think of is the occasional person or people breaking one of the rules (rules that are in place to ensure the quality of living at the community) but management always takes care of any problems quickly and professionally.

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    Selina Budinger

    My fiance and I lived here for a little over a year, and we really enjoyed our time here! we wish we wouldn’t have to leave, but I unfortunately had to move to Arizona to finish my degree. The apartment themselves are very nice and spacious. Georgette is friendly and very helpful with anything that you need. We never had any maintenance issues, but we did have the water off a few times for other repairs in the building. However, the water was never off for very long and they sent a text message ahead of time to let everyone prepare. Other than that, we never had any issues or complaints. We both were very happy there.

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    Betty Lopez Reveles

    I am a prospect looking for a home perfect for my little family, finding a home is not easy, it can be a journey and sometimes heartbreaking when applications don’t become approved, and other times leasing agents can be COLD. I know it well, I am a property manager, but I am also a renter. Georgette did an amazing job touring us, I loved her customer service and attitude, the property has an amazing personality, and the units I saw were 2bed and a 3bed and were very spacious! I look forward to moving in the near future, after touring Casa de Helix, we don’t want to look anywhere else!

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    Dawn Figueira

    I called regarding availability, representatives were very helpful, and very informative.

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    MrCopenhagen24 .

    This is a good temporary apartment that you should only rent if you have no other choice. These apartment homes are cheaply built and very old. There are much better options for the prices they charge. Parking is extra money added to your rent (50$) for each spot. Price might have changed but that is what I paid. The parking lot has much to be desired. The water in these apartments is also getting turned on and off for countless reasons. Hot water runs out very fast too. You can hear everything through the walls and the floors. Depending on where you live in the complex you might have to deal with constant noise from the kids running around so if you don’t mind that its fine. Also the dog owners here don’t pick up after themselves and the General Manager doesn’t do much about it. I personally complained to Her multiple times and She puts out warnings but it didn’t change the results. There is also a no smoking policy, and no grilling allowed on the second floor. There are two entrance/exit gates that break constantly. So if you’re running late you might have to turn around and use the other gate on the other side of the complex. Office hours are apparently really flexible here to. Sometimes there is someone to help you and sometimes there isn’t. Internet lines that are ran here are old too. Overall 2/5. Plenty of better options in San Diego.

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